What license do I need for video?


There are two kinds of video products that we have in our library, Royalty-free and Rights-managed. 

You can filter for these product in the search filters.

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Royalty-free videos, once purchased, may be used by the end licensee in an unlimited number of projects, worldwide, in perpetuity. 

To price your royalty-free videos:

1. Choose your size

Size refers to the resolution: 720p, HD, 4K, etc.


2. Choose your license level

License level refers to the level of license you want to purchase. There are three license levels: Standard, Extended, and Premium. 

The license level you choose will affect two main things: the number of users granted access to the raw files of the clips and the level of indemnification you will receive.

Indemnification refers to the amount of coverage you'll receive in the unlikely event of a dispute.

  • Standard license level includes one user and up to 10x purchase price indemnification. So, if a clip costs $49 we would indemnify you for up to $490.
  • Extended license level includes unlimited users and up to $100,000 USD in indemnification.
  • Premium license level includes unlimited users and up to $500,000 USD in indemnification.

You can choose the size and license level that you would like from either the Quickview, product page, or when pricing from the cart.



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Rights-managed videos need to be licensed for each different use and each new project using a pricing calculator that considers medium, usage, scale and duration of projects.

To price your rights-managed videos:

1. Choose the appropriate license

The following items will affect the license you purchase:

  • Medium, such as advertising, television shows, or film
  • Usage, such as theatrical, festival rights, or online advertising
  • Scale, such as region or target audience
  • Duration, one year or Life of Project

2. Choose your level of indemnification

  • Standard indemnification includes up to 10x purchase price indemnification. So, if a clip costs $49 we would indemnify you for up to $490.
  • Extended indemnification includes up to $100,000 USD in indemnification.
  • Premium indemnification includes up to $500,000 USD in indemnification.

For rights-managed videos, you'll need to purchase separate licenses for each medium in which you use the photo. For example, if you are working on a project involving social media, a TV advertisement, and out-of-home advertising you'll need to purchase three separate licenses for each medium. 

The pricing calculator for rights-managed clips appears on the Quickview, product page, and when pricing from the cart.



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