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Customer FAQs

Using the Site

What is the best browser for viewing your site?

We recommend Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for best results. 

Can I search for clips and photos simultaneously?

Unfortunately you can’t, but it’s simple to search across both categories. In the search bar, enter your search term and select either Video or Photo, then hit Enter or click the magnifying glass. To search for the same term in the other product category, toggle to that category and click the magnifying glass.

How do I use and share folders?

Folders let you save clips and photos to review and share. You can create multiple folders in your account which helps you stay organized for all your projects. Check out this article to see how to add clips and photos to a folder and how to share folders.

Along with adding clips and photos to folders and sharing them with your team, there are several other features of folders. With folders you can now also indicate which clips or photos you like, view product details, and create quotes. Take a look at this article to see how to use all the features of folders.

How do I save a clip or photo?

You must be signed in to save clips and photos. If you are viewing search results, mouse over a thumbnail and click “Save to folder.” If you haven’t set up custom folders, the content will be saved to your default folder. If you have other folders set up, you can select which folder you’d like to save to. You can also save to folders from the product’s detail page.

How can I tell the difference between a video clip and a photo when they’re in a folder?

The video clip includes the length of the clip displayed on the preview.

How do I search by clip or photo ID?

You can always find a specific clip or photo on our site by using its Stock Footage or Stock Photo ID number. This is written underneath each clip or photo on the product page . An example of an ID number would be D26_9_242; make sure to include the underscores when searching.

You can also find clips and photos that you have downloaded or purchased previously by going to the Comps or Purchased Files pages on your account.



Your Account

Why can’t I sign in?

Double-check the email address you used to sign up. If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot password?” on the sign-in panel and we will send you a new one via email. Questions? Contact customer service.  

I can’t remember my password. What now?

If you’ve validated your account but forgotten your password, you can request a link to reset your password, or contact customer service and we'll help you reset it. 



Using the Clips and Photos

I need a low-res video file. Why can I buy only HD video clips?

We want to provide the highest quality source files, wherever you end up using them. This gives you more editing and cropping options even when exporting at a lower resolution. We offer the following resolutions on our site; 720p, HD, 4K, and 6K+. 

I’d like to test the media before I buy. Can I download a comp or preview?

Yes. To download watermarked comps, sign in to your account. From any clip or photo page, click “Download comp.” Select which file you'd like to download. The comp will download to the folder you have designated in your browser preferences. For step-by-step instructions, view how to download comps.

Why does my downloaded video clip or photo have the Dissolve watermark on it?

You have likely downloaded the comp version. 

If you are downloading a clip or photo that you have purchased, then the unwatermarked version will be available to download on the Purchased files page of your account.

Why monthly limits to watermarked comps exist:

Dissolve does not allow for comps to be downloaded in an unlimited capacity. We have policies in place that limit each user in order to protect the valuable content of our contributors, and ensure that comps are used only for testing prior to licensing. Once a purchase history is made on a user’s account, the user’s watermarked comp access will rise.

Are the video files compatible with my editing program?

Clips are provided in MP4, MOV, or AVI containers, in their native ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM, and DVCPRO codecs; or H.264 codecs. Comps are provided as 1280 x 720 H.264 .MOV files. Different codecs or formats may be available, please contact customer service for more information.

How can I convert video files from one format to another?

We recommend HandBrake, a free video transcoder that you can download. It lets you convert from most common containers to ones suitable for most applications.  

How do I find out the print size for a photo?

Below the image, you’ll see “Choose a resolution,” which provides the specs for each size. Generally 600px is 8” x 5” @72dpi, 2400px is 8” x 5” @300dpi, and 4800px+ is 17” x 11” @300dpi. (And flopped for portrait, naturally.) 

What size photo do I need?
Best used for:
Small Social media, websites, and mobile apps.
Medium Blogs, small print pieces, and digital use.
Large Brochures, magazines, and catalogs.
X-Large Large printed posters and banners.
XX-Large Original file. Large backdrops, and digital displays.


Can I download comps in bulk? 

You can’t currently download comps in bulk.

You can download purchased files in bulk. Click on the “Download All'' button on the order page. After purchase, you’ll also receive an email with a ZIP folder with your purchased items.



General licensing

See our Licensing 101 page for a handy overview of release and licensing issues. For complete license information, read the Dissolve Content License Agreement. 

What do “royalty-free” and “rights-managed” mean?

When you purchase stock footage and photography from Dissolve, you actually license the right to use clips and photos in your projects based on the terms provided by each product’s royalty-free or rights managed license.

Royalty-free (RF) clips and photos may be used in an unlimited number of projects, worldwide, and in perpetuity.

See our licensing page for available royalty-free licenses.

Rights-managed (RM) clips or photos may be licensed for individual projects, using a pricing calculator that considers medium (such as advertising, television show, or film), usage (such as theatrical, festival rights, or online advertising), scale (region or target audience), and duration (i.e., one year or life of project).

Editorial released content vs. Commercial released content: 

Editorial clips and photos are labelled as such because they feature models, property, brands, trademarks and other items for which we do not have releases. Usage for editorial clips and photos are not limited to certain projects, however usage is at the discretion of the licensee, as Dissolve does not provide any indemnification on editorial clips or photos.

Dissolve hosts a large library of Commercial content. Clips and photos labelled as Commercial are cleared and contain models and properties that are released. We provide different levels of indemnification coverage, starting at up to 10x the purchase price, up to $100K and up to $500K.

Can I use Editorial stock content in my projects? 

Yes you can. You are not limited to use Editorial content in certain projects. Editorial content is popularly used for documentary use. Please note that Editorial clips and photos are labelled as such because they feature models, property, brands, trademarks and other items for which we do not have releases. Usage is at the discretion of the licensee, as Dissolve does not provide any indemnification on editorial clips or photos.

I want to see if an Editorial clip can be cleared for Commercial use

We cannot guarantee that editorial items can be licensed commercially. If you have certain timestamps in mind, please send them over to customer service, and we can use those to determine our decision.

What does “Life of Project” mean?

For some Rights-managed clip usages, we offer a “Life of Project” term. Life of project refers to the time frame the project will run for in comparison to our other offering of 1-year. Oftentimes, 1-year licensing is more relevant for a TV commercials that run for a shorter time-period vs other forms of media that will be aired in a longer capacity (i.e. TV shows, documentaries, advertisements posted on social channels, etc.). Life of project covers the time-frame of footage usage for the entirety of the project it is licensed for.

What does single user mean / What is a single user license?

User refers to anyone who would have access to the clip at any stage. If you’re working on a project where you will be the only one with access to the clip/photo or the finished product that requires a Standard, single user license. In all other cases, you would need an Extended or Premium license for unlimited users.

Therefore, ‘single user’ refers to one individual user, and if you are working for a client or having a team collaborating on a project, this is considered multiple users.

How can I use the clips and photos? Are they cleared for commercial use?

The majority of the clips and photos on the site are cleared for commercial use. These clips have model and property releases, and thus may be used in virtually any commercial or editorial context, including:

  • commercials for online or broadcast use
  • documentary or journalistic videos
  • feature-length and short films
  • explainers and corporate videos
  • web sites and digital media
  • video games and software applications
  • broadcast teaser (in-context promotion)
  • product packaging or CD or DVD art
  • print or digital advertising
  • business letterhead and other stationery

If you wish to include clips in unlimited mediums, in a software template, allow more than a single user to use a clip, or have indemnification up to $100K, you must purchase an Extended license. Choose the premium license for additional indemnification of up to $500K.

If you wish to include photos in a product for resale or allow more than a single user in your organization to use an image, you must purchase an Extended or Premium license.

Custom Indemnification

If you or your client requires a higher indemnification level from what we offer, we can provide that upon client request. Please reach out to us and let us know what level of indemnification you are needing with your license. This license will be customized with the indemnification level that the account requires.

TV/Film Riders and Withdrawal Clause

Dissolve provides customized TV/Film rider or Withdrawal Clause that includes injunctive relief. Injunctive relief permits Dissolve to waive its right to enjoin the production, withdraw an image, distribution, exploitation or promotion of your project. If you would like to purchase a license with this clause, please select “TV/Film Injunctive Relief Add-on” or “Withdrawal Clause” when choosing a license.

Do you offer exclusive licenses/buyouts/market-freezes?

We offer the option to obtain an exclusive license for some clips and photos. Please reach out to customer service with the specific clip(s), the requested duration for the exclusivity, and the budget for the buyout.


Does Dissolve offer subscriptions?

Looking for the best deal on stock photo and video content? We've got you covered! With our new pricing structure, enjoy the best price guaranteed, bulk discounts, and custom subscriptions tailored to your needs. Contact us for more details.

Can I use stills from a clip in my project?

As long as you license the clip properly, you can use stills from a clip in your projects. With the Standard license you are permitted to use stills in up to 500K prints, as long as the product is not for resale. If you require more prints or if the product is for resale you will need an Extended or Premium license.

Can I purchase/license clips or photos for my client?

You can license clips and photos on behalf of a client by assigning the license to them during checkout. See this article on how to assign the license to your client.

Do I need to credit Dissolve in my work?

While we’d love it if you spread the word about us, there’s no requirement to attribute Dissolve in your work.  




Dissolve Team

What is Dissolve Teams?

Dissolve Team is a feature we offer that allows for easy, seamless collaboration between you and your team members. Teams can share Dissolve folders, watermarked comps, quotes and member purchases.You can also correspond using our chat feature! To get started, or for more information, visit our Dissolve Team page here.

How can I add members to my Dissolve Team™?

When logged into your account, you will see your team name in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the name to open up a drop down menu, then click on Members. From here you can add and remove team members.

See this article for step by step instructions on how to add members to your Dissolve Team account.



Dissolve Priority

What are the benefits to Dissolve Priority?

Dissolve Priority is designed for bigger teams, agencies, and production houses that license on behalf of their clients. Approved accounts will have access to invoicing, complimentary expedited research, and access to unwatermarked comps for pitching purposes upon approval. Along with that, Dissolve Priority allows for better team collaboration with features that allow you to share and monitor information on all accounts.

How can I add members to my Priority account?

When logged into your account, you’ll see your company name in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the name to open up a drop down menu, then click on Members. From here you can add, remove, and manage all your Priority members.

See this article for step by step instructions on how to add members to your Priority account.

How can I purchase with invoice?

In order to purchase with invoice you must be set up with invoicing permissions on your Dissolve Priority account. Contact your team admin if you do not have these permissions. 

When you are at the checkout screen, there will be a green button that reads “Check out with invoice”. Click that button and it will take you to the “Invoice Details” screen where you can enter in the PO or Job number for the project, then click “Continue”. You will then be taken to the “Review and Confirm” page where you may enter the End Licensee or any comments for the order (ie. project name, job name, etc.)

See this article for step by step instructions on how to purchase with invoice.

What are the requirements to get a Dissolve Priority account?

Approval for a Dissolve Priority account and access to the features requires a review of your purchase and business history. If you’re unsure if Dissolve Priority is right for you, contact us.

Or, you can apply here, and a member from our team will be in contact with you.

I can’t see my Priority licenses:

You must be logged into your Dissolve Priority account in order to view clips with Priority licenses. If you are still having issues, please contact us.

Non-Priority Royalty-free Licenses vs Priority Royalty-free Licenses: 

Dissolve Priority licenses include coverage for unlimited users and usage in all mediums along with three indemnification options. Non-Priority licenses include a single-user license option. See our licensing page for more information on licenses.

Priority Royalty-free Plus License: 

Dissolve Priority accounts feature Priority licenses that include coverage for unlimited users and usage in all mediums along with three indemnification options. These licenses are designed for bigger teams that license on behalf of clients. You can focus on choosing the right stock content instead of worrying about choosing the right license.

The Priority account features the Plus license instead of the Standard license. The Plus license includes coverage for unlimited users and usage in all mediums along with indemnification up to 10x the purchase price. For non-Priority users, the license that provides the same coverage is our Extended license. See our licensing page for more information on Priority licenses.




What forms of payment does Dissolve accept?

You can pay with a credit card or through your PayPal account. Dissolve offers store credits for convenient purchasing and helping you keep track of your project budget. 

We also offer invoicing through our Dissolve Priority program. For more information about invoicing and purchasing store credits, contact our customer service team here.

Can I save my payment information?

At this time we do not keep any credit card information on file, however you have the option to save billing information from previous purchases to make it convenient when you are checking out.

I clicked Process Payment and the page wouldn’t load. Was I charged? How do I get my clip?

To see if your order has been processed, check your "Orders" under your name menu. It may take several minutes for your download to become available. Once you’ve purchased a clip or photo, you can download it as many times as you want. If you are still experiencing problems, contact customer service.

I need to add my company VAT number to the order

To add your business VAT number to your order, you can type it into the “Notes” section during purchase. Dissolve is headquartered in North America and does not have a business VAT number.

Does Dissolve charge any additional fees?

Dissolve does not charge any additional fees for transactions. If you are experiencing any unknown charges that you believe to be from Dissolve, and not depicted on your purchase receipt, this may be an international charge from your bank. If you see these additional fees we recommend contacting your bank to troubleshoot before reaching out to the Dissolve team.

If you are contacting us in regards to this, please have your account information and order number ready.

Does Dissolve offer discounts?

Dissolve generally does not have active discounts. We do have a wide range of price points available in our library to fit any budget. We also offer price matching, so if you find a clip or photo priced lower on another non-subscription site, we are happy to match that price.


Technical Issues

I can’t find my downloaded products on my computer. Where are they?

Downloads typically go to a download folder specified by your browser. Check your download folder or try searching your computer by the clip or photo’s filename.

When I click “Download H.264” on a video clip, the clip only plays in a new window. How do I download it?

Depending on your preview settings, the file may automatically launch in your media player once downloaded, but it should also be in the location you saved it to. 

Can you help me with a technical issue in my editing program?

Because there are so many programs out there, it’s hard to be an expert in all of them. Still, please email us your question and we’ll do our best to help. 

About 4K H.264 transcoding

For certain 4K H.264 transcode of original files, there is a chance that the file will play back as entirely black frames in QuickTime, and or appear to be corrupt in the VLC video player application. Please note, these files should be usable and play back correctly in professional grade applications such as Adobe Premiere and FinalCut Pro.



I would love to be a Dissolve contributor. How do I make that happen?

Great! We’d love to hear from you. To find out more about becoming a contributor, visit our Contributor site. We are accepting applications for exclusive and non-exclusive content for both video and photos. 


Unavailable Products

Why are certain clips and photos unavailable?

From time to time, Dissolve or its contributors may need to remove products from our site for business or licensing reasons. If you previously purchased or downloaded such a clip or photo, you may contact us to find out more information. 


Customer Service

I can’t find what I’m looking for. What now?

Our customer service team is happy to provide free research. We’ll comb through our collection to find the right video clips or photographs, then send you the results, usually within one business day.

To get started, submit your request.

If you want to give it another kick at the can, try these search tips. To narrow your search, use NOT (all caps) before each term you want removed from your search. You can also use the filters on the left to sort by price, release status, resolution, orientation, and other options. To search for more than one term, use OR (all caps).

If you’re looking for footage and can’t find one shot that fulfills your needs, look for a couple that could be edited together for a similar effect. 

What is your refund policy?

We do not issue refunds or exchanges due to the digital nature of our content as stated in our EULA. This is also stated on our "Review and Confirm" page during the purchase process.

If there is something wrong or defective with the file you purchased, please reach out to our customer service team and we will contact you regarding your request.

Clips used in Canadian television broadcast

We are required by the CRA to track clips used in productions or advertisements shown on Canadian television (other than those used solely for news programs).

This won’t affect the tax you pay on your purchase; we collect this information to track tax obligations by our contributors.  

Why do I keep getting error message 15005 when I try to process my order?

This is a PayPal error code that means the billing address you provided to us does not match the address associated with your credit card. Your billing address must match that of the credit card. Please double check that the address you have listed with your credit card matches the address you entered for your Dissolve account. We have an extremely sensitive system, so sometimes it's as simple as removing an extra space. 



Dissolve Cloud

What is Dissolve Cloud?

Dissolve Cloud is a cloud-based storage solution for your photos and videos, personal or professional. Begin uploading your files with 2 GB of free storage in your Dissolve Folders. For more information click here.

What files can I upload?

Currently, the accepted file types are:

.bmp .avi
.gif .h264
.jpeg or .jpg .m4v
.png .mov
.psd .mp4
.svg .mpg or .mpeg
.tiff or .tif .wmv




I need to upload more files, can I upgrade my storage space?

Yes, we offer more storage with our Plus plan. This plan includes 100GB of storage for $48USD/year. You can purchase this plan here. 

If you need more storage, contact us.

Who can see my uploaded files?

Your files can only be seen by you and the members that are invited to that folder. 




Are there license limitations with Goodies?

Clips and images provided as free downloads in Dissolve marketing emails, or on are Royalty-free and model released. They come with our Standard license. See for more information.



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