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Creators FAQs

What is Dissolve Creators™?

The Dissolve Creators community is where anyone can showcase their photography, footage and designs to a community full of amateurs and professionals. It is also a community where you can share your content for free downloads, as well as download other content for free. You can discover creators to follow and interact with. You can discover featured content by other creators, as well as like and comment on content.

To learn more and create a profile, click here.

What skills do I need to become a Dissolve Creator?

Anyone can join the Dissolve Community and become a Dissolve Creator! Whether you’re an amateur creator, looking for some project inspiration, or consider yourself a pro - we encourage you to join the community. We're always looking for exciting content and profiles to feature.

What is the difference between Dissolve Creators and Dissolve Contributors?

Dissolve Creators are apart of a community full of amateur and professional creatives. You can showcase your work and make it available for free download, as well as download free content from other creators. 

Dissolve Contributors sell their stock content to license and earn royalties. 

Dissolve Contributors can have Dissolve Creator profiles, featuring both their free content and licensable stock content. Dissolve Creators are not always Dissolve Contributors, and can apply to become a Contributor.



Your Profile

I'm a contributor, how do I associate my Dissolve stock content with my profile?

If you’re a Dissolve contributor, you can add your stock directly to your profile. Visit the Products tab on your profile and click Add Stock. Then, search for your products on Dissolve and submit.

Do I have to pay for a profile?

Creating a profile is free.

Can I put links in my profile?

Yes, you can add links to your profile bio including a personal website, and to your social media profiles. Visit your settings to add your links.

Is my profile public? 

Yes, your profile information is public and can be viewed by anyone who is on your profile. Currently, we do not have private profiles.


How do I edit the information on my profile?

You can edit your profile anytime. Visit your Profile settings to make changes.

How do I create a collection/gallery?

Check out our Folders to see how to create a gallery. 

Coming soon, you’ll be able to have your folders visible on your profile.



Uploading content

Is there a limit to how much content I can upload to my profile?

To start, you'll have 2GB of upload storage. To increase your amount, see our Dissolve Cloud plans. 

Is there a processing time for my uploads to appear on my profile?

Any content you upload to your profile will be available and visible immediately. All content is subject to review by our team anytime after you upload.

I uploaded an image to my profile and now it is no longer there, what happened?

Our team reviews clips and images that are uploaded to profiles to ensure they meet our terms and conditions. Should an item not meet the requirements, it may be removed. To review the terms, visit our Dissolve Free Content EULA.

What formats or file types can I upload to my profile?

We accept the following file types: .jpeg, png, mp4, and avi. Currently, HEVC and MJPEG codecs are not supported.

I don't want my upload to be available for download, what are my options?

When uploading or editing your file, unselect the button "Allow users to download". This will make your upload visible on your profile, but not downloadable by viewers.



Downloading content

A clip or photo I downloaded is no longer available, can I still use it?

Yes, you can continue to use the clip or photo you downloaded under the Dissolve Free Content EULA.

Do I need to credit Dissolve or the Creator when I use their content?

While we and the Creator would appreciate you to credit the content, it isn’t required.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with the free content from Dissolve Creators?

When downloading from Dissolve Creators, you are agreeing to our Dissolve Free Content EULA

Are clips and photos I download free?

Clips and photos downloaded from Dissolve Creators profiles are free. 

If you are downloading a clip or photo from our Dissolve Stock library please refer to our EULA.




Can I remove content from my profile that I uploaded?

Yes, you can remove uploaded content anytime. From your profile, hover on the item you’d like to delete and select ‘delete’. 




What if there is a logo in the file I download?

If you found a clip or photo that includes an identifiable brand, please flag that item to our team by emailing with a link to the item. 

How do I report abuse of license? 

For any help with licensing issues, reach out to

What if I find offensive content?

Any uploaded clips or photos that are offensive can be flagged. Please contact us and provide the link(s) to the content.



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